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Meal Customizing

based on the nutritional values, and selected quantities of each ingredient

Digitalised Ordering

digitalize ordering process for enabling smarter, and designable choices, allowing people to spend less time on queues and to prohibit misunderstood requests, and orders

Gives Online Identity

publicising themselves as a Fitness, and Dietician professional or an Enthusiast

Integrates with Healthy Living Standards

tribe members who want to do the same activity at the same location, and time interval, following tribe members tendencies and motivating them


  • January 2017

    "Opening" - Fuseki

    Produced ideas, and plan, started to iOS development

  • April 2017

    "MoveNic is Born" - Sabaki

    Excited to announce that MoveNic was available on the AppStore!

  • June 2017

    "Transition to Full Service" - Seki

    Implemented detailed service journey to make Customizing Meal experience better

  • September 2017

    "Expansion Phase" - Uttegae

    Joined the accelerator program, and started to develop sales and marketing strategies

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